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Thai Food And Its Charm

Thai food always has various kinds of vegetables as main ingredients. These can be found in Kaeng Liang, Kaeng Som, Kaeng Noppakaaw, Kaeng Kae, Kaeng Nor Mai. and Kaeng Hua Pli. Of the "yam" (salad) type, are Yam Hua Pli and Yam Kalaampli. There are many foods that are good eaten with vegetables. Isaan's vermicelli, as well as that of the South, Kaeng Tai Pla and Kaeng Lyan are very delicious having vegetables as their parts. The Som Tam of any region either Issan's Som Tam Malakor or the North's Tam Som O or Tam Mamuang are to be with Chaom's tops, Chapluu leaves, Kratin's tops and Tong Laang's tops. For Plaa (a Thai saled with raw or partially cooked meat), Lon (a kind of shrimps or crab sauce) and Lap (a kind of minced beef, or chicken or pork salad), including Namprig (Chilly sauce), raw or boiled vegetables are needed to eat with.

The Thai food of the Centra part needs vegetables to be side by side; examples are Khanomchin Namya and Namprig Chaonaa. Bai horapa (Sweet Basil ) and Pagkaad Hom (Romain lettuce) are served with Po Pia Tod (Spring rolls). Various kinds of Miang (minced meat wrapped up by leaves): Miang Khanaa, Miang Mamuang, Miang Kaam are served with fresh vegetables.

Besides producing fibre, the green leaves of Khannaa, Pakbung, Tamloeng and lettuce help reduce the body's lack of Vitamin B2 when taken with meat. Vegetables' green leaves consist of Vitamin A which is very useful to the body, taken with the fat in cooking oil. Deep green and yellow vegetables produce Betacarotine, an anti-cancerous substance which turns to be Vitamin A needed by human body.

Yam (Thai salad) has a small quantity of meat but its main ingredients are vegetables. All yams have fat ingredients; examples are Yam Yod Krathin, Yam Bai Bua Bok, Yam Hua Pli, Yam Tawai, Yam Mamuang, Yam Yuan, Yam Yai, and Yam Woon Saen.

As the Thai food's ingredients are small quantity of fat and meat (with about 20% of fat), the Thai people, then, are fortunate in their fat taking less than the western people, and less risky of having breast cancer.

The Values of Thai Food:

1. Food Values: Thai food has values obtained from ingredients which are vegetables, spices and herbs.

2. Herb and Spice Values: As Thai food has its main ingredients consisting of herbs and spices , then, it has a great value.

3. Folk Wisdom and Art and Culture Values: In general, each of the Thai food has its own natural flavor and features, for example, Kaeng Khi Lhek, which consists of the leaves of Khi lhek with their bitter flavor but by the old genertion's folk wisdom in mixing these bitter leaves with spices, coconut milk and meat, Kaeng Khi Lhek becomes a delicious cuisine.

The Charm of Thai Food

Thai food is an international favorite. The charm of Thai food depends on:

1. Flavor: Each Thai dish has more than 3-4 flavors. The ingredients of each dish help not only harmonize all different flavors but also make delicious. Miniature egg plants with their bitter flavor in Kaeng Khieo Wan help reduce the greasiness and the hot flavor.

2. Decoration: Thai food has an attracting decoration inducing to appetite and it is also convenient to take.

3. Ingredients: The flavor of Thai food cames from herbal spices without flavoring substances.

4. Values: Thai food has both values of nutrition and medicine.

5. Harmony : Thai food can be harmoniously taken with other food, for example, Panaeng Kai can be used as sandwich filling. Paad Kaaprao as spaghetti's top over.

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The perfect air traveling by the perfect Airlines in Thailand!!

Traveling to Thailand is quite convenient and extremely secure with the worlds best Airlines serving Thailand flights. Being the very biggest country, it's not very easy to travel around the country via bus; this is why many domestic flights are also operating inside Thailand to take passengers from one place to another.

Thailand is home to many wonderful cities and islands. Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Ko Phi Phi, Ko, Chang, ko Samet, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, and Ayutthaya are eminent cities and islands of the country. All the cities have their own unique identity. Thailand major cities which are getting flights to Thailand on their airport are Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. Two airports are serving Bangkok which is Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Mueang airport. Phuket international airport is serving Phuket and Chiang Mai international airport is serving Chiang Mai city.

Many famous air carriers are operating here at the famous airports of Thailand taking cheap flights to Thailand. The major Airlines serving Thailand include Thai Airways, Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, and PB Air. A lot of small air carriers have their ontract with Thai Airways, as a minimum for the routes they took over from the nationalized airline.

Thai Airways are the national flag carrier of Thailand. Among many Airlines, it is most trustworthy, regular, and comfy airline. It is operating Thailand flights to almost all famous places of Thailand which are admired by the tourists. Due to its world class services, it is a bit costly airline as compared to others. The best way to get cheap flights to Thailand with Thai Airways is to book it with some traveling company.

The regional air carrier of Bangkok is Bangkok Airways which are not only operating domestic flights but also serving international flights to Thailand. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi international airport is its major hub. This airline has also got fame as "Asia's Boutique airline" because of its elegance and style. It is also a bit expensive carrier.

Nok Air is quite a budget airline which has its hub at Don Muang Airport. It also works under Thai Airways. All the domestic flights operated by Nok Air are flying from its Don Muand airport and international flights from Suvarnabhumi international airport. Air Asia is also a low price air carrier which is the first air carrier in the district to execute completely ticket less journey and unallocated seats. It is operating domestic and international Thailand flights from Suvarnabhumi international airport.

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How to Make a Thai Grilled Bison Salad

see a video clip to learn how to make Thai grilled bison salad.

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Top 10 Must-Not-Miss Thai Food

Thai cuisine is one of the best gourmets in the world. It is well known for the diversity of ingredients, outstanding spiciness and ample medicinal properties. Most of Thai food is cooked and refined with more than two types of herbs or spices which are beneficial to health.

The (mostly unconscious) principle Thai food is the balance of five flavors which are spicy, salty, sweet, sour and bitter. The one indispensible ingredient which is generally used in seasoning a majority of Thai cuisine is fish sauce. Thai food is eaten either as a single dish or with rice. Steamed rice is the staple food although sticky rice is more popular in the north and northeast of Thailand.

Thai food is one of many things that you should not miss while you are traveling in this beautiful "Land of Smiles". Since there are numberless delectable Thai dishes, I am writing this guideline for you to select the most distinctive and authentic ones out of the plethora of Thai signature dishes.

The following list is a top 10 rank of Thai food that you must not miss. The consideration and ranking is based on the popularity, uniqueness and authenticity of the delicacies. Here are the winners.

10. Kai Pad Med Mamuang Himmapan (Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts)
Even though Kai Pad Med Mamuang Himmapan does not represent the overview of Thai food but it is a very nice treat to your bland taste buds. Since it is by no means spicy or hot, this slightly sweet and salty chicken fried with crunchy cashew nuts is aptly satiating for children or beginners who are not used to spices.

9. Por Pia Tord (Fried Spring Roll)
Fried spring roll is one of the most popular appetizers among foreigners because it is not spicy and comes with sweet and sour dip. Spring rolls are crispy pastries with fried vegetable fillings. Though spring rolls are commonplace in many Southeast Asian countries, Thai Por Pia is different in flavors with a special dip prepared from Japanese apricot.

8. Panaeng (Meat in Spicy Coconut Cream)
Panaeng can be cooked using either pork, chicken or beef. Panaeng tastes like Thai red curry but the coconut milk sauce is relatively thicker and richer. Compared to Thai red curry, Panaeng is mildly spicy and sweet. Paneang is best served with warm steamed rice. There is nothing to dislike about Panaeng expect the fact that it can be too greasy or fleshy for some people.

7. Som Tam (Spicy Papaya Salad)
Som Tam is one of the most popular foods among Thai people for its fiercely spicy and sour flavors. Som Tam, which literally means "Sour Pounded", is a spicy salad made from a mix of fresh vegetables including shredded unripened papaya, yardlong beans and tomato. Som Tam is unique that the spicy dressing and salad vegetables are pounded and mixed in the mortar using a pestle. Somtam is usually served with grilled chicken and sticky rice. Som Tam is good for your health that it contains no fat, low calorie and high vitamins. This is a truly authentic Thai dish that will make a great impression. The only reason why I’m ranking Som Tam at No.7 (though it deserves higher rank) is its strong spiciness that might leave your tongue burned and swollen. Just say "Mai phed" (not spicy) to your waiter if you really want to try.

6. Moo Sa-Te (Grilled Pork Sticks with Turmeric)
This tantalizing sweet-flavored grilled pork sticks are refined with rich, juicy sauce made of turmeric and curry powder. Moo Sa-Te makes a savory hors d'oeuvres that will appease any taste buds. These juicy grilled pork sticks are usually served with two saucy dips – one is a mildly spicy thick sauce with ground peanuts, coconut milk and curry powder and another one is a sweet and sour vinegar sauce with chopped shallot, pepper and cucumber to mitigate its oiliness.

5. Tom Yam Kai (Spicy Chicken Soup)
Chicken soup is very good to eat when you have a cold but Tom Yam Kai or spicy chicken soup is a yummy treat that you will fall in love with just in a first sip. Tom Yam Kai is a clear chicken soup seasoned with a blend of chili, lime and fish sauce. The broth is simmered with Thai herbs as lemon grass, shallot and galangal which give it a unique and satiating aroma. My foreign friends order this tasty soup anywhere they go so you should not miss it by any means!

4. Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup)
Although Tom Kha Kai is another variation of chicken soup, it deserves the No.4 because of its unparalleled taste and popularity. Similar to Tom Yam Kai, the broth is prepared with many types of Thai herbs with the special addition of coconut milk that makes this soup unique. Though the soup is seasoned with chili, lime and fish sauce just like Tom Kha Kai, thanks to the coconut milk, the broth is milder and less spicy. This is probably more liked by non-spicy eaters.

3. Kang Keaw Wan Kai (Green Chicken Curry)
Since we are having three dishes in a row made of "Kai", you would have guessed that it is chicken in English. Not that chicken is particularly popular in Thai cuisine; it is usually used in most curry and soup. Kang Kiew Wan, literally translated as "Sweet Green Curry", is nicely sweet and slightly spicy and tastes very delightful with a proper blend of the spiciness from green curry chili paste, blandness from coconut milk, sweetness of sugar and saltiness of fish sauce. It is usually eaten with steamed rice or served as a sauce to rice noodle known as "Kanom Jeen" likewise to how you eat Spaghetti.

2. Pad Thai (Fried Noodle)
This national dish prides itself for its long history traced back in previous centuries. Pad Thai flaunts the authenticity of Thai culinary arts in using only fresh and best ingredients and the well-balancing of the five fundamental flavors. The stir-fried noodle becomes popular because it tastes yummy and comes with a choice to add in a set of seasonings to suit your appetites. Through history, Pad Thai has evolved into two different styles: the classic and the variation. The classic Pad Thai is a stir-fried noodle with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, red chili pepper plus bean sprouts, shrimp and tofu and garnished with crushed peanuts and coriander while another style is relatively dry and lightly-flavored. The latter is easily found in street vendors and dominant in Thai restaurants in the West but the having classic Pad Thai freshly cooked in its original country is a way to go.

1. Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)
No other dishes can defeat this renowned Tom Yam Goong as the optimal representative of Thai gourmet. Tom Yam Goong is truly one of a kind with its fierce spiciness and sourness and a blatant use of fragrant herbs including galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, shallot, tamarind and chili pepper. There are two styles of Tom Yam; the clear spicy soup and thick spicy soup. The latter is cooked by adding coconut milk or milk to the broth in order to thicken the stock and give the dish a milder flavor. Tom Yam is very versatile and can be made with prawns, chicken, fish and mix of seafood, and mushroom. Tom Yam Goong is the most popular variety of Tom Yam since Spicy Shrimp Soup is the original. Though not very surprising, Tom Yam Goong is definitely a signature dish of Thailand.

Even though it is commonly known that Thai food utilizes many health herbs and spices, there have always been debates whether Thai food is really good for health since they tend to be somewhat greasy. It is important to note that it depends on each dish; some can be highly caloric but many dishes make a good use of herbs. Garlic, for example, is very good healthwise because it can prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer.

No matter what the food is, the same old concept of moderate intake comes into play. From Mcdonald’s burger to Japanese Sushi, a key to optimal fitness is to avoid overconsumption. Thus, a claim that Thai food is mainly coconut-based and fattening should never be an adequate reason for you to still order a Big Mac. Ravish your taste buds with Thai food - tasty and healthy!

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Surface Fishing Lures

Some fishing lure anglers are unsure which lures to use in different situations, so they buy fishing lures that are not suited for the area they are about to fish. Before you buy fishing lures you need to know what sort of fish you are trying to catch and whether they feed at the surface of the water, at the bottom or mid water.

Once you have established this you can start to look at which kind of fishing lures to use that work for say the surface. What are surface lures, well the name says it all.

Surface fishing lures are lures that are used to mimic a baitfish that is either fleeing because it is being chased, or it is injured or dieing and is splashing about on the surface of the water. All of these situations are what will attract a predatory fish, because it can feel the vibrations being given off by these actions of the distressed baitfish. It is like a dinner bell, so if there are predators that are close to these sounds and vibrations they will come to investigate to see if it can be their next meal.

This is where the surface lures come in, there are two main types of surface lures namely poppers and plugs which are mostly used for the surface as they are very successful when fished correctly. First off i'll start off with plugs, a plug is used to mimic a fish fleeing as it can be retrieved very fast and it skips or skims on top of the water which is like a baitfish fleeing for its life which predators love as this means it is a target as it can be singled out which is easier for the predator to keep its eye on so that it can hit it hard and eat it.

Baitfish that are fleeing don't tend to stick together they jump out the water in different directions as they are swimming for their lives, they will regroup as soon as they realise they are not the target. It is at that fleeing moment that the predator takes its chances to single out one baitfish to chase and devour, because when baitfish are together it is a little harder because there are so many of them which confuses the predator.

The predator needs to single it out so it can asses how the baitfish moves so that it can decide at which moment to hit the baitfish.

So this moment is a very important part of lure fishing and it is the moment a baitfish is singled out which is like you casting out your lure and retrieving it, your fishing lure is like a single baitfish so the way you retrieve the lure is very important. You need to keep a consistant movement of the lure so that the fish can get the rythym at which you are retrieving the fishing lure so that it can decide when to hit the lure.

Remember, even when you see the splash of the predator right behind your lure as it hits and misses, you must keep your retrieve at the same pace and rythym as you had it before do not slow down thinking it will take it, more often than not it will stop chasing as it can sense something is not the way it should be. You need to keep your retrieve the same which will keep the predator chasing your fishing lure to devour it, sometimes a predatory fish may be extremely hungry and it just goes for your lure until it gets it even if you slow it down a little, but you don't know how hungry it is so keep your retrieve consistant.

Fish are not stupid and they know what the different actions and reactions of fleeing baitfish are as they chase, hit and eat them every day in order to survive so you need to be smart and keep your retrieve spot on. When your retrieve is just right this is the exact moment lure fishermen live for, which is that instant it hits your lure as you are now in for a good fight once you have set the hook to ensure the fish does not get away.

The best way to set the hook, is as a fish strikes or hits your fishing lure and you feel the weight of the fish on it, you will simply give two slight jerks to the line using the rod to ensure the hook is set. The reason for doing
this is because sometimes the hook is just in the mouth of the fish, and is not really set in correctly, the problem with this is that you could have enough pressure on the fish to just hold it there throughout the fight, and then when you get the fish close to you, say within two metres and the fish see's you and tries to run and shake its head.

There is a very good chance you lose the fish at this key moment, because your heart is pumping and you are so excited as you have now seen your fish, and you make a silly mistake of not keeping enough tension on the line which gives the fish the opportunity to shake the lure out of its mouth. We all make mistakes but now that you know you should not make that mistake because you may have a fish of a lifetime on the line and you do not want to lose it, think about what you are doing and what the fish may do.

Remember, the lure has weight to it and is easy to shake out if it's hooks are not set in correctly, because the lure has drag or resistance in the water which works in the fishes favour so keep a tight line and make sure you set the hook.

Another key factor when lure fishing is that you do not want to injure or damage the fish if you are going to release it to grow bigger and live to fight another day, the way you do this is by flattening the barbs on your
hooks so that the hooks can be removed from the fishes mouth without ripping the inside of its mouth.

Another reason for flattening the barbs is incase the hooks go into your finger or another body part by accident, it will be easier to remove and is less painful.

The second best surface fishing lure is a popper, this type of lure comes in slightly different shapes. The overall look of the lure is the same with slightly altered features like the face or head of the lure or the thickness of the fishing lure body. All poppers make a splash on the surface and the size and weight of the lure will determine the size of the splash it makes aswell as how loud the popping or blooping sound it makes through the water hence its name popper.

A surface popper can be retrieved slow or fast depending on the species of fish you are after, but generally a fast action is used. The popping or blooping sound is irresistable and once the predator has located the popper and it sees the bubble trail it will chase the lure and hit it, if it misses the first time and you keep your retieve the same it will try to hit it again and again.

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Travel Thailand for Exciting Cities and Awesome Beaches

hailand is the only south-east Asian country never to have been under the European power. Thailand also attracts the visitors who show their interest in the history. Even Thailand offers the miscellany of society running in a parallel; hi-tech city life, pub, bars, unhurried beach escapes and the sanctuary of Buddhist lifestyle. Now Thailand has become traveler's dream destination.

Thailand is famous for the exciting cities and awesome beaches. Chiang Mai is situated in center of north. Summer Palace of the king of Thailand and small villages are in this city. It is very beautiful and historic city. Attraction of this city is Buddhist temples that sprinkle the whole sky with shiny gold. The most important place for visitor is Wat Chiang Mun temple which is located within the old city walls. When you travel in south part of Thailand should not miss Ayutthaya and Sukhotahi. Both cities are classified as Worlds heritage Sites due to their hundred numbers of old and beautifully maintained Buddhist temple. The oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok is Wat Pho. This temple is famous for 46 meter long statue of reclining Buddha and the major collection of Buddhas in the country. Every year a lot of tourists used to visit Lopburi and the Kanchanaburi town. Both towns are in the central Thailand region.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is a good tourist destination, it is quite different from east and north based cities. Bangkok is world famous for providing the variety from museum to nightlife to the visitors. It can be very painful while trying to get around Bangkok. Kra Isthmus is famous for their some of the most filmed beaches in the world. Phuket trip is one of the smaller and less commercialized trips with most famous resort island. For younger travelers Ko Pha Ngan is famous for its regular moon festivals on the sparkling shores.

Travel to Thailand is very easy going and welcoming experience. Everything is available from simple to luxurious at fair price. There is unbeatable combination of hi-tech, rein forested, beaches and metropolitan city. Weather of Thailand is always sunny and the average temperature is around 25-30 degree Celsius. For more comfortable vacation to Thailand, you must keep travel guide with you for all the tourist information, travel agencies and travel destinations for your budget travel.

If you are planning for your honeymoon or romantic vacation, Thailand is a good place. You can also consider many other exciting honeymoon destinations by visiting the #1 honeymoon planner at Elite Honeymoon Packages.

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A tourists guide to Thai massage

The ancient art of therapeutic massage was first developed in India some 2,500 years ago and brought to Thailand by Buddhist monks about 1,800 years back. Well known for its healing properties, Thai traditional massage is developing into a global brand.

More and more westerners come here to be trained in this kneading art, with Wat Pho in Bangkok probably the most well-known place for receiving instruction. Chiang Mai in the north also offers a wealth of more or less accredited schools, teaching a softer northern style massage technique. There are courses however in Phuket, Pattaya and Samui.

Tourists and visitors to Thailand soon observe that the practice of mutual rubdowns is an everyday custom practiced openly and without embarrassment. Mothers kneading babies, teens their grandparents, vendors and motorcycle taxi drivers their colleagues’ tired shoulders or even easy chairs on the pavement offering instant foot massages for weary pedestrians. Thailand travel and tourist information

Then there is in-flight massage service on the national carrier and the mechanical massage chairs in airports or shopping malls. Put in a 10 baht coin and get three minutes of shaky back massage – just make sure you don’t fall asleep mid-massage.

But possibly the oddest place for a foreigner to be offered a massage is while standing in front of the urinal at an upmarket nightclub or restaurant. The toilet attendant will sneakily approach you from behind to place a hot towel on your neck and then start rubbing your shoulders.

Traditional Thai massage is for the most part practiced by women, but is also an important job for the blind. “Women can massage any clients regardless of age or gender, but male masseurs who can see may unintentionally be seduced by their visual perception,” says Aree Sanyaluck, massage teacher in Chiang Mai. “Unsighted masseurs are able to concentrate better and have purer intentions.”

Anyone who tells of their Thai massage experience to those who aren't familiar with this art will likely get nudge-nudge quips about ‘special’ services. It is important to distinguish between massage with clothes on and with clothes off. Sadly, Thailand is better known for the latter, especially in some parts of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. But this is a misrepresentation.

Both kinds are social more than individual occasions with patrons chatting to each other through the partitioning or even to the masseuse who welcomes any distraction to lessen her boring routine. Visits to the flashy palaces offering more carnal pleasures as part of the massage routine are also usually done in groups, often to round off an evening of drinking and eating.

But back to the real tradition Thai massage, this is offered by skilled massage persons in all tourist areas, such as Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Samui and Pattaya. They are very inexpensive and a two hour treatment will cover all 104 main energy points in the body using a kneading, yoga type positions, stretching and other techniques. Then there is the soothing oil massage and of course foot massage, which is similar to reflexology. Guide to massage in Phuket

Lately there has been a boom in the spa industry in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket, where massage is central to many of the treatments on offer and although probably more expensive they are a very relaxing and pampering experience.

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